BLUE RAY UI Elements (PSD)

Releasing a set of UI Elements design that’s called BLUE RAY UI Elements. The elements design can be used for a dark background colors only. Its contains stylish radio button, check boxes, progress bar, dividers both horizontal and vertical, drop down boxes, search box, button samples, toggle buttons, pagination bar, scrollbars, tooltip, sliders etc… These elements are very much usable for flex ui elements too. It can be use for personal or commercial works for free but forbidden to redistribute other than If you like these UI graphics then please share to your friends or spread to world through twitter, facebook, digg etc… You can download the PSD file below.
BLUE RAY UI Elements
BLUE RAY UI Elements (565)
Size: 170 KB (zip)
Format: PSD
Color: yellow, blue, white, gray
Keywords: UI Elements, UI, User Interfaces, Flex UI, Flex Interface Designs, downloads.
License: Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 2.5 India License

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