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GO Green Graphic Symbol (PSD)

Releasing a Go Green Graphic Symbol with Photoshop format. This graphic can be useful for website, blogs and application as icons too. This is free for personal or commercial works but forbidden to redistribute other than bijusubhash.com. Download the PSD below.
Go Green Graphic Symbol
Go Green Graphic Symbol (890)
Format: PSD
Color theme: green, yellow, white.
Keywords: green, go-green, symbol, icons, downloads,
License: Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 2.5 India License
Author: bijusubhash.com

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Kollamcity.in- A portal website for Kollamcity, Kerala

This was my resent project which launched yesterday (May 08, 2011) 11am. This site is build in WordPress. Through this website you can get daily news related to Technlology,Culture, Exhibitions and Events, Investments, Industries, Ayurvedic Resorts, Hotels, Hospitals etc.. in Kollam city. Its a daily updated website. You can follow this website through digg, facebook, twitter and subscribe mail or RSS read. This website owner is Gopakumar. R

See this website: website url

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