Ribbons V2 (PSD)

Releasing a set of ribbons version 2 with photoshop format with 10 different colors. I think you remember the previous corner ribbon for websites. This ribbon very useful for alerting a special message on the website. Its coming with very attractive colors like gray, orange, blue, surfblue, red, green, violet, purple, yellow etc. The psd file contain adjustment layers for editing and adding your own colors. You can use these ribbons for personal or commercial works but forbidden to redistribute other than bijusubhash.com. Download the ribbons below.
Ribbons v2
Ribbon V2 (8804)
Size: 637 KB (zip)
Format: PSD
Color theme: gray, orange, blue, surfblue, red, green, violet, purple, yellow.
Keywords: Corner Ribbon, PSD Ribbon, web ribbon
License: Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 2.5 India License
Author: bijusubhash.com

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