Javascript custome scrollbars – FleXcroll

Custom Javascript Scrollbars - fleXcroll
Custom Javascript Scrollbars - fleXcroll

Hesido introduce FleXcroll. A custome javascript scrollbars for your html page. Custom scroll bars are usually bad, and they should be avoided whenever possible. But sometimes you just need that look to go with your website in a place that is design sensitive, and not content sensitive, or your customer wants them bad. For those cases, Hesido have come up with a javascript solution that let’s you use (X)HTML without having to resort to Flash. FleXcroll support mouse-wheel and keyboard scroll (from version 1.5.0), and text selection aid (from version 1.7.5) so people can text-select overflowed contents, making it behave almost the same as (and in some cases better than(!)) OS default scroll bars.


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