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Css Tab Menus

Tab navigation has been one of the most important element in web layouts. Visitors can properly navigate through the website with a tabbed navigation. A tab navigation should help visitors to easily understand where they should be clicking. Here I have compiled a mass list of nice and sleek CSS Tab based navigation samples you can integrate on your site.

  1. jQuery idTabs

    jQuery idTabs

    Demo ]

  2. Tab Accordian

    Tab Accordian

    Tab navigation with animation using Moo FX.

    [ Demo ]

  3. CSS Dock Menu

    CSS Dock Menu

    If you are a big Mac fan, you will love this CSS dock menu. It is using Jquery Javascript library and Fisheye component from Interface and some of icons. CSS dock menu by ndesign-studio

    [ Demo ]

  4. DHTML Goodies Tab Panes

    DHTML Goodies Tab Panes

    Tab navigation with animation using Moo FX.

    [ Demo ]

  5. AJAX Tabs (Rails redux)

    AJAX Tabs (Rails redux)

    [ Demo ]

  6. JQuery Nested Tab

    JQuery Nested Tab

    Nested tab set done with the ExtJS UI Library.

    [ Demo ]

  7. Ajax Tab Reloaded

    Ajax Tab Reloaded

    Taken the idea of the sliding door tabs and mixed them up with a little javascript and ajax to make them very dynamic on the client side.

    [ Demo ]

  8. 14 Free Vertical CSS Menus

    14 Free Vertical CSS Menus

    Free tabs designed from explodingboy.

    [ Demo ]

  9. Control.Tabs


    Control.Tabs attaches creates a tabbed interface from an unordered list of links/anchors that point to any elements on your page that have an id attribute.

    [ Demo ]

  10. JavaScript tabs with jQuery

    JavaScript tabs with jQuery

    jQuery plugin lets you create JavaScript tabs easily. Examples of simple tabs, custom tabs, slide effects, fade effects and callbacks demos available.

    [ Demo ]

  11. Yahoo TabView with Skin

    Yahoo TabView

    Sample tabs from Yahoo UI Library.

    [ Demo ]

  12. DHTML Ajax Tabs Content Script

    DHTML Ajax Tabs Content Script

    This is a Ajax Tabs Content script. This tabs display content pulled from external files inside a DIV and organized via CSS tabs. CSS and HTML based scripts.

    [ Demo ]

  13. JavaScript Tabifier

    JavaScript Tabifier

    Automatically create an HTML tab interface using plug-and-play JavaScript.

    [ Demo ]

  14. KollerMedia Tabmenu

    KollerMedia Tabmenu

    Simple look tabs changes when mouseover.

    [ Demo ]

  15. dhtmlxTabbar


    dhtmlxTabbar is a JavaScript tabbar control for creating dynamic tabbed-navigation interface. This Ajax-enabled UI component lets you add feature-rich and nice looking tabs to your site or web application.

    [ Demo ]

  16. CSS Tab Designer

    CSS Tab Designer

    CSS Tab Designer is a unique and easy to use software to help you design css-based lists and tabs visually and without any programming knowledge required!

    [ Demo ]

  17. Light Weight Low Tech CSS Tabs

    Light Weight Low Tech CSS Tabs

    An example of light weight tabs by combining the Sliding Doors method with the Mountaintop corners idea.

    [ Demo 1, Demo 2 ]

  18. Module Tabs – Carousel

    Module Tabs - Carousel

    Example of showing one page of content at at time in tabs. Each tab link scrolls to the page selected. Since all animation is turned off (animationSpeed = 0) then it just moves the desired content into view.

    [ Demo ]

  19. Joshua Kaufman’s CSS Tab 2.0

    Joshua Kaufman’s CSS Tab 2.0

    [ Demo ]

  20. Duoh’s 2nd Level Tab Menu

    Duoh’s 2nd Level Tab Menu

    [ Demo ]

  21. Nundroo CSS Navigation

    Nundroo CSS Navigation

    [ Demo ]

  22. CSS Menu with slider

    CSS Menu with slider

    This little example shows how to make really simple and yet very nice CSS Menu with slider.

    [ Demo ]

  23. CSS drop down menu

    CSS drop down menu

    Instead of the menu being triggered by placing your mouse of the menu label, it is trigger by moving your cursor over the down arrow on the right side of the menu label.

    [ Demo ]

  24. Fancy Menu

    Fancy Menu

    CSS+Javascript power. Fancy menu.

    [ Demo ]

  25. Creative Pony Sliding Tab

    Creative Pony Sliding Tab

    Sliding Tabs is a mootools 1.11 plugin which adds a pretty neat effect. It’s a clone of something seen on Panic Software’s Coda site.

    [ Demo ]

  26. JQuery Tab Animation

    JQuery Tab Animation

    This sample shows how to use animations with the AjaxControlToolkit’s TabContainer control.

    [ Demo ]

  27. Fancy Sliding Tab Menu

    Fancy Sliding Tab Menu

    Included an idle state listener to bring all the tabs back to their normal state after a desired amount of time without mouse movement on the window.

    [ Demo ]

  28. Sidebar Menu

    Sidebar Menu

    Sliding JavaScript side bar menu using mootools.

    [ Demo ]

  29. Aplus ADxMenu

    Aplus ADxMenu

    Most basic examples of tab submenus..

    [ Demo 1, Demo 2, Demo 2 ,Demo 2 ]

  30. Bulletproof Slants

    Bulletproof Slants

    [ Demo ]

  31. Brainjar Tabs

    Brainjar Tabs

    Using CSS to build a tabbed display. One where the user can click on individual tabs to view different content within the same space.

    [ Demo ]

  32. Qrayg CSS Menu (Horizontal & Vertical)

    Qrayg CSS Menu (Horizontal & Vertical)

    Horizontal and vertical layout modes while maintaining hover persistence.

    [ Demo ]

  33. Kalsey CSS Menu

    Kalsey CSS Menu

    This is a way of accomplishing tabs and subnavigation using only CSS and nested unordered lists.

    [ Demo ]

  34. Accessible Image-Tab Rollovers

    Accessible Image-Tab Rollovers

    Css tab: mouse over, out and active tab effects with a single image.

    [ Demo ]

  35. HTML Dog CSS Tab

    HTML Dog CSS Tab

    A popular form of navigation is tabbed navigation-a group of links that give the impression of being protrusions attached to different areas of unseen content. With CSS you don’t need to be restricted to rigid images for every tab-you can maintain complete control over appearance and text at a fraction of the file size of image-only alternatives.

    [ Demo ]

  36. CSS Tabs Menu with Dropdowns

    CSS Tabs Menu with Dropdowns

    Create dropdowns when the top level menu item is hovered over.

    [ Demo ]

  37. DOMTab


    DOMtab is a JavaScript that turns a list of links connected to content sections into a tab interface. The script removes any “back to top” links in the section and automatically hides all but the first one when the page is loaded.

    [ Demo ]

  38. Animated horizontal tabs

    Animated horizontal tabs

    These sliding doors based blue tinted tabs “jump up” when selected, such as when the mouse rolls over each one. This is accomplished using a combination of relative positioning and padding on each tab. The selected tab is first stretched vertically by giving it a thick bottom padding, then plucked out thanks to the CSS “top” property value that’s smaller than the normal tabs’. The result are tabs that animate without any scripting.

    [ Demo ]

  39. Inverted Shift Down Menu

    Inverted Shift Down Menu

    This clean CSS horizontal menu contains tabs with text that shift downwards slightly when the mouse rolls over it.

    [ Demo ]

  40. Vista Aero Buttons Menu

    Vista Aero Buttons Menu

    This menu consists of a row of independent, Vista aero looking CSS buttons, and departs from the typical list based menu structure. Each button appears initially faded out slightly via CSS opacity, then brought back to full opacity during the “hover” state. The caveat for this menu is the fixed height of each button based on the graphic interface, hence isn’t ideal if the buttons’ font size is changed from the default.

    [ Demo ]

  41. DD Tab Menus

    DD Tab Menus

    DD Tab Menu is a standards compliant, 2 level tab menu. Move your mouse over a tab, and a 2nd level content appears beneath it. The script uses CSS to control all of its appearance, and plain HTML to implement the entire menu tabs and contents.

    [ Demo ]

  42. Flexible Tab Navigation

    Flexible Tab Navigation

    The navigation bar shown here is achieved via 3 images, a bit of CSS and some JavaScript.

    [ Demo ]

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