Create photo frame with Photoshop

Here’s How:
  • Open Adobe Photoshop » Create a new document depending on the size of your photo.
  • Open the photograph which you want to add photo frame.
  • Select all and copy the photograph or drag and drop it to the new document which you opened earlier.
  • Edit the canvas size of the new document little bigger. We want to add drop shadow to the frame later so.
  • Select the photograph layer and add a layer style.
  • In the layer style option window, adjust the size of the line width. This will be the frame border width.
  • Position is inside (you got a sharp corner frame)
  • Fill type is Gradient (you got a sharp corner frame) and Gradient style is “Shape Burst”.
  • Edit the Gradient and select Copper (You can change the color of the frame asap). See the settings below.
  • Now the photo frame looks like this.
  • Edit the gradient by clicking on it.
  • Add new and adjust the postion of the color stops to make the frame’s curved shapes. You can see the frame building at the same time you adjust the gradient color stops (See edited Copper gradient).
  • Add a Drop Shadow with default settings.
  • That’s it…
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