BuySellAds 125×125 pixels Ad Design Template (PSD)

BuySellAds is an online advertising network, they help online advertisers and website publishers buy and sell ads very easly. They will manage ad space and relationships with the advertisers. In exchange of 25% of your banner price, BuySellAds does all the management for you. Some of the well know bloggers in the industry are using it, such as, psdtuts, logopond, abduzeedo, vecteezy etc… Here I’m releasing 48 very beautiful 125×125 pixels BuySellAds ad template backgrounds with different colors, patterns which you can design easily advertisement for BuySellAds. All ads designs are available with psd version so, you can edit everything as you wish. You can freely use these ad template for personal or commercial works but forbidden to redistribute other than Download the PSD file below.
BuySellAds 125x125 pixels Ad Design Template (PSD) (864)
Size: 1920 KB (zip)
Format: PSD
Color: multi-color
Keywords: ad-template, buysellads-ad-template, 125×125-ad-spot, downloads.
License: Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 2.5 India License

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