3D Twitter Bird

Releasing a new 3D twitter bird. I had released two other twitter birds in the past articles, which I would like to put a link here.
The very first one have 1463 downloads and the second one have 541 downloads. You can download and use this new twitter bird on your blog or web pages for free and can be use for personal or commercial works but forbidden to redistribute other than bijusubhash.com. If you like this bird then please spread it to the world. You can get the download below.
3D Twitter Bird
3D Twitter Bird (661)
Size: 954 KB (zip)
Format: PSD
Color theme: gray, blue, white, blakc.
Keywords: Bird, Download, Download Twitter Bird, Follow Me, Follow me Icon, Twitter, Twitter Bird, Twitter Icon
License: Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 2.5 India License
Author: bijusubhash.com

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