Add CSS !important Declarations Using jQuery


While using jQuery and CSS, in some cases we need to use css important declarations using jQuery. CSS important declarations are help to override the parent css rules from a particular child object. For example, a list have a font size of 14px and font-weight of bold with red color and we need to change the third child element of the list object’s font size to 10px, font-weight to normal and color of the text to be blue. This can be done with CSS like given below.

ul li{
  font-size:10px !important;
  font-weight:normal !important;
  color:blue !important;

In some cases we need to use the CSS important declarations with jQuery. The normal method of applying  CSS rules using jQuery is given below.


If we attach the important declaration with the font size will through the error in jQuery. Then how to ?
Find the method from below.

  $('.listClassName').css('cssText','font-size:10px !important;');

The above code will apply css inline code ‘ font-size:10px !important;’ to an element which have the class name of ‘listClassName’. Enjoy.

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